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EOTAS Provision

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Bespoke learning package to suit every need


Who are our learning packages for?

  • Children or young people with SEMH

  • Children or young people with special educational needs and disabilities

  • Medical Needs

  • Young Carers

  • Children and young people involved in the youth justice system

What is included ?


Registration to the AQA Unit Award Scheme

Nationally recognised certification for every unit of work completed and submitted to us. Full marking and feedback service provided by our education team (led by qualified teachers)

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Little Crafters Boxes Education Package

Fully inclusive and proven learning to make learning accessible for all.

Basic package

  • 3 themed hands on project kits from Little Crafters Boxes
    (or one large project for KS4)

  • A printed STEM workbook containing up to 15 units of work for which AQA UAS certificates can be achieved.

  • Online lessons to support the units of work for that month

  • A progress report to share the learning journey and achievements of the learner. One report per learner per year, available for parent/LA on request and written at the end of the academic year (or term) by our education team.  Both LA and parent must agree to us sharing this information with the other party

Bespoke package

  • Includes everything from the basic package above as well as:

    • monthly English and Maths workbooks (from September 2024) mapped to AQA Unit awards

    • 30 of the learners own AQA unit choices per term from the 10,000 units in the AQA UAS database in whatever subject they want (e.g. horse riding farming, etc)

How much does it cost ?

Basic package

£977 per academic year or £377 per term (4 complete months)

Bespoke package

£3400 per academic year or £1200 per term (4 complete months)

VAT is exempt

Note: A minimum of one full term must be purchased regardless of when the learner starts (e.g. if they start in February, they will receive learning packs for Feb, March and April for their first term and can request the previous January pack too if they would like to backtrack on the missed month)


Register learners for a full year for 2024/2025 and get the rest of this term free


Contact us

if you would like to pay on invoice or as a termly recurring payment


EOTAS Registration

Choose your package(s)
Basic EOTAS Package£977
Bespoke EOTAS Package£3400

Download a free information pack

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