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Bespoke learning package to suit every need


Who are our learning packages for?

  • Children aged 4 - 19

  • Children on a waiting list for an alternative provision

  • Local Authorities looking for a complete (accredited) resource package for a child

  • EOTAS families (educated other than at school), where either the LA or parent holds the funding.

  • EHE children, where the child has Little Crafters Boxes or LCB Education on section J of the EHCP.

  • An eco friendly hands on craft kit box every month for 4 months (up to 3 projects per month)

  • 3 themed workbooks per month (including English and Maths)

  • Access to AQA UAS Certification

  • Online lessons

  • End of term progress report

Summer Term LA Offer

Certified Education Pack- £1200 per term

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This certified scheme is designed and delivered by qualified teachers​

£1200 per term (Can start at any point during any term)

or £3400 per academic year.

Register learners for a full year for 2024/25 and get the rest of this term free! 

What is included ?


1. Registration to the AQA Unit Award Scheme

Nationally recognised certification for every unit of work completed and submitted to us. Full marking and feedback service provided by our education team (led by qualified teachers)


​2. Little Crafters Boxes Signature Education Pack (STEAM+)

  • Eco friendly hands on boxes- 3 projects per month

  • Online lessons 

  • Printed monthly workbooks at varying levels

  • up to 15 AQA Unit certificates can be achieved each month in STEAM+ subjects

Fully inclusive and proven learning to make learning accessible for all.

Hands Screwing Up Bolts

3. Access to 15 additional units of choice per term from the  AQA UAS database.


4. Progress Report

A progress report written at the end of the academic year (or term) by our education team to share the learning journey and achievements of the learner. One report per learner per year.

Pricing for 2023- 2024

£1200 per term (Can start at any point during any term)

or £3400 per academic year

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