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Through the Lens Core Discovery Pack

Through the Lens Core Discovery Pack

A box of resources ready to go for a six week learning block.  This certified set includes access to the AQA Unit Award Scheme with every unit completed (just send a copy of the evidence in to us when done to claim your certificates).

You get:

  • English core workbook (level of your choice)
  • Maths core workbook (level of your choice)
  • 3 eco concious STEM craft kits (Camera Obscura, Hologram Maker, Diffraction Grating Kaleidoscope)
  • STEM workbook containing the following units:
    • 116228 Coordination and response (unit 3): the eye (Science)

    • 120411: Exploring Light: Holograms (Science)

    • 117114 Art: a study of Hockney photography (Art and Design)

    • 108543 Photography: the theme of reflections and distortions (Art and Design, Media Studies)

    • 120523: Camera Obscura (Photography)

    • 120363: Mathematics: Optics and reflection (Maths)

    • 118177 Reviewing a film (Media Studies)

Access to 6 topical online lessons

    £349.00 Regular Price
    £299.00Sale Price
    VAT Included
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